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Jaxx is a multi-chain wallet that offers support for seven different cryptocurrency assets. If you’re new to the cryptocurrency space, you’ll be happy to know that Jaxx gives you access to the world’s biggest cryptos by market cap. Jaxx is available on nine different platforms. Jaxx can be downloaded to your desktop or mobile device for free. Like other wallets, Jaxx applies transaction fees, which go to the networks that run the cryptocurrency you are trading. Jaxx supports a wide range of coins and is adding more all the time.
Jaxx gives you “permissionless access” to your cryptocurrency. It requires no information or verification. In other words, it does not collect any information about you on signup. In keeping with the Jaxx philosophy, all cryptocurrency keys are created and held on your local device. This means you have full control of your wallet. Of course, it also means you are susceptible to getting hacked. Additionally, your account can be backed up through a single master seed, which refers to the string of random words that can help you recover your coins.



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