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Apollo currency is a coin built on the core of the NXT project and distributed through an airdrop to NXT holders. Apollo currency (APL) was established in 14.01.2017 by the Apollo foundation. The main goal of the company is to provide users with “all-in-one” cryptocurrency that will provide as many features as possible. This currency is aimed to reduce the need to use multiple currencies for various activities. While many cryptocurrencies are specifically made to gain some niche users, Apollo aims to become useful for any crypto user. Apollo currency had no ICO but was fully pre-mined.

However, the main development and research focus of the company is on the Apollo blockchain’s privacy and security. The aim of the process is to give Apollo’s customers a way to perform totally untraceable and secure transactions. In the Apollo whitepaper it is said that one of the major threats to the whole industry is a possibility of governmental restrictions and deanonymization of crypto users. Due to this fact, the development team of the project is actively working on making Apollo currency exchange as private as is technically possible in terms of modern computer science.

The chairman of the Apollo foundation is John McAfee - famous as the founder of McAfee antivirus and a number of other successful projects.

Technical details

To provide users with additional privacy, Apollo uses multiple solutions. Some solutions are aimed only to extend the ways of possible usage of the crypto.

Olympus protocol

Olympus protocol is a technology that consists of a number of procedures. The first procedure is IP masking. IP masking is performed with several iterations, utilizing TOR, among other things. This is one of the most prominent features of the coin that provides untraceable usage of the Apollo wallet.

Another part of the Olympus protocol is its ability to provide both public and private transactions. Users are able to choose the way their transaction will be performed. Olympus protocol also provides integrated decentralized exchange with masked ip and no identification required. Another feature is the coin shuffling that randomly shuffles funds of various accounts for instant anonymization.

Hermes Blockchain

Hermes Blockchain is a product of the Apollo development process that has a number of prominent properties:

  • Hermes provides transactions performance of nearly 2 seconds
  • Hermes utilizes smart contracts
  • Coin staking
  • Cryptocurrency and token creation with Hermes network

Other already developed features

Important features of the Apollo currency include its monetary system, encrypted messaging, blockchain file storage, alias system, voting system, multisignature accounts and others.

  • Monetary system of the project provides users with an ability to perform ICO, crowdfunding, Charity, Coupons and so on.
  • Encrypted messaging of the platform utilizes the Olympus protocol meaning that messaging is 100% private and untraceable.
  • Blockchain file storage can help to establish a transparent source of information for governmental public information and public information of private companies. It also can be used to store contracts, medical records an on.
  • Due to the Apollo’s alias system users can record an alias - a specific word that represents a particular piece of text. For example, this feature can be used to make the wallet address easier to remember and share. Aliases can be claimed only once.
  • Voting system may be utilized to establish a transparent and unchangeable polls’ system.
  • Multisignature accounts are used to provide a number of users to access one account.

Apollo coin

Apollo coin is accessed and used via the Apollo currency wallet that is available to use with Linux, Windows and OSX as well as with a web wallet.

Apollo coin value online via CoinMarketCap:

Apollo coin exchange can be performed on the following exchanges:

  • CoinBene
  • IDAX
  • CoinPulse

Some specifications of the Apollo coin according to its official website:

Characteristic Value
Consensus Proof-of-Stake (PoS)
Maximum Supply of Coins 21,165,096,531
Pre-mined 100%
Inflation 0%

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