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Rthrthr (RTH) is a stablecoin, backed with classic vintage memes. The philosophy behind RTH coin is unique and simple. The available supply of RTH is 1 coin. And since vintage memes are literally priceless, RTH coin's market cap is nonexistent because the coin is priceless itself.


Rthrthr was initially described in Rthrthr white paper in 1994 with a goal of creating a unique coin, that will not lose its value regardless of any fluctuations of the market. Developers had argued that other kinds of stablecoins that might be created still would be dependent on prices for fiat or precious metals, and in case of the global economic failure might lose their price. Searching for a solution, the developers were looking for a backing mechanism to have eternal worth. After approximately nine months of consideration, they finally mutually agreed on backing the new coin with the classic vintage memes since their value is so high that cannot even be estimated. According to the consensus, only one coin can be available at the same time since having two priceless objects of one kind would be mathematical nonsense. That's how Rthrthr was born.


Early Years

History of Rthrthr is studded with informational gaps and ambiguous interpretations. First years after its creation, RTH had been presented in the darknet only. The researchers of the coin call this period the Dark Ages of RTH.


Classic meme behind RTH

In 2010 Bitcoin was presented by Satoshi Nakamoto, and soon after that RTH entered an incipient crypto market. From this time RTH has been in the constant demand.


In 2012 RTH, a Proof-of-Funds coin, competed with newborn Bytecoin, a Proof-of-Work currency. Two algorithms, PoF and PoW, having different advantages, are working on different ways. In contrast with well-known PoW, PoF idea is that if user has funds, he has to prove them by transferring them to RTH developers. The rivalry between two currencies winded down after an official statement made by Bytecoin developers in early 2013: "We don't care about all that bulls......"


RTH is rumored to be connected with DOGE coin. Two communities are very tight-knit and mutually friendly. Probably, that's the dog matter.

RTH and McAfee

In 2014 John McAfee first declared that he's going to purchase RTH for an unknown amount of cocaine. According to McAfee's twitter, he repeated this proposal in 2015, 2016, 2017 (twice), 2018 and 2019 years. All that offers have been turned off by RTH developers team. Team released successive notes saying that they have their own sources.

2017-Present Time

In 2017 a new roadmap of RTH was released. This roadmap stated that in future RTH will start backing other cryptocurrencies, building bridges and anchoring to the other blockchains. Vitalik Buterin, a founder of Ethereum, said that any currency would be honored by that backing.

RTH Development Issues

In the middle of 2018 RTH developers claimed to have perpetual issues with their frontend and backend. As one of the developers said: "It's like you are vomiting and defecating at the same time. We keep calm and clear everything out instantly, but this problem seriously damaged our sofa".

RTH Influence to the Other Coins

Another classic meme behind RTH

Early developers of Rthrthr gave birth to several conceptions, inherited later by different cryptocurrencies. All stablecoins like USDT, DGX or MAPR are derived from RTH, although instead of fiat or precious metals RTH is backed with vintage memes.
On the other hand, a certain impact on DOGE can be found with ease at the brief glance to the coin.
Some of the researchers take up the position that RTH could be even a source of inspiration for Satoshi himself, being an ultimate perfection.

Scam Accusations

RTH has been accused of scam many times. The main reason for the accusations has been the fact that RTH, being used in a single original, hasn't ever been seen by anyone. RTH developers proved the existence of the coin by releasing an official logo and photos of the vomited sofa. Also, the crypto community claimed an issue on PoF algorithm since the funds that had been transferred to RTH developers have never been sent back.


There are no sources about RTH hard fork except that developer's interview: "With this controversy between frontend and backend, we are really afraid of the hardfork. It would be crucial".

How to Buy RTH

In fact, no one knows how to acquire RTH. For that 25 years of existence, RTH has been acquired several times, yet no one knows how many times exactly. All economic details are also veiled by RTH developers. At the moment RTH is owned by someone in the Asian regions.


Me after I've finished writing this page

There is a large ecosystem built around RTH.

Smoking Pack

RTH officially has its followers (kind of Block Producers for EOS). RTH followers are known as 'Smoking Pack'. It's been established that Smoking Pack consists of a financial officer, developer, and PR specialist. From time to time several other people come in on this list: an office manager, HR officer, designer, two more developers, and one prominent exchange broker.

RTH Team

RTH team consists of the princess of SMM, support and technical gick, PR guy, mr. proofreader, aforementioned prominent exchange broker and the team lead.

Interesting Facts

  • RTH is an official partner for all BMW production.
  • In 2005 a famous thrash metal band Slayer recorded an album called "Rthrthr". The funds for this album had been risen amid RTH fans.
  • Deathgrind band Caninus claimed that the dog from RTH logo recorded back vocals to the song 'Bite The Hand That Breeds You'.
  • From 2016 NASCAR races bookers accept bets in RTH.
  • RTH is the first crypto currency that hasn't ever been used for buying drugs. In fact, nothing has ever been bought for RTH, which is quite logical.
  • RTH is aproved by Varg Vikernes
  • RTH is also an abbreviation for Real Trans Hair